You can invest Emyron Coin in Emyron Coin lending platform exclusively from the Emyron Coin Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from Emyron Coin trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the Emyron Coin lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.


(Remember: Volatility software offers you a variable interest as per Emyron Coin market fluctuations)
If you want to invest in Emyron Coin lending, you have to buy Emyron Coin in the first place.
Buy Emyron Coin from EMY Exchange with Emyron Coins first.
Proof of stake defined

Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many Emyron coins he or she holds. This means that the more EMY owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has, which results with bigger profit.


No electricity cost
No noise
Great ROI
Secured funds
Friendly interface

Receive interest rate from owning Emyron Coin
up to 124% return per year.
Consensus Mechanism: POW, POS
Minimum Stake Age: 15 Day 
Maximum Stake Age: 60 Days
Earn money from Trading with Emyron Coin by other cryptocurrency and alt coin on Internal and Eternal Exchanges.
See our ROADMAP for Launch of Internal Exchange and List on External Exchange

Proof of work defined

ERC20 algorithm (PoW)


ERC20 algorithm uses eleven hashing functions from the Blake algorithm to the Keccak algorithm making it very secure which really is needed for coins that do so well for CPU’s


ERC20 Algorithm keeps miners temperature over 30% cooler, making your expensive machines less prone to overheating because don’t require as much processing power in order to mine the coins with this algorithm

Power Cost

ERC20 provides significantly lower electricity costs at the end of the month mining HomeBlock Coin. This makes to be a favorite in places where electricity costs are expensive

Emyron Coin is Minable, You can eanr EMY through Mining EMY from CPU, GPU and Miners.

POW Block Reward: 10 EMY

Block Spacing: 5 minutes

Total Supply: 25,000,000

ICO: 7,000,000

Max ICO Commission Coins: 1,400,000

Decimal Places: 8

Mining Pool: Yes

Algorithm: ERC20

Minable Coin: 10,000,000

Affiliate and refferal program will launch after ICO FINISHED